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With the spread of COVID-19 we find ourselves in a time of global uncertainty. Our hearts go out to everyone impacted and we will continue to operate our rescue in the best interest of the birds, and our supporters.

Everyone's health and safety, and the parrots are our top priority.

Until further notice:
To protect you and our volunteers, we will temporarily suspend home visits.
Grooming events are temporarily postponed until further notice. If you have a grooming emergency please contact your veterinarian or you can contact us at 702-937-1005. 
Bird intakes will be handled on a case by case basis. Emergency intakes will be given priority.
If you are having trouble finding food for your bird please let us know!  We will help as much as we can through this difficult time.
As Always, we are available by phone, on Facebook, and through our website to assist with any questions.

Like everyone else, we are taking this day by day.  We will follow the guidance of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and our local and U.S. government officials.

We are hoping you stay safe and healthy!

 Our Services

Yellow Head Amazon Parrot
SWEAR is here to help any parrot who needs a new home for any reason.  We place birds in volunteer foster, and permanent adoptive homes that have passed our application and home visit process.

We are a 100% Foster-Home Based Rescue. 
That means we do not have a physical location, we don't have a building or a place where you can just go see birds.

To meet any of the birds in the rescue, you must first go through our application and home-visit process. Only after completion and acceptance of the application and home-visit are you able to meet birds in the homes of our foster volunteers.  
Fostering and Adoption are only available in the Las Vegas Valley.  
We do not foster/adopt birds out of state.

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Connect with us on Facebook to keep informed about events and current information about the rescue.  You will find information about our monthly grooming events on our Facebook page.

Want to Make a Donation?

You can make a donation in person at any of our events with cash or check made payable to SouthWest Exotic Avian Rescue.  You can also make a donation through PayPal using our email address of lvparrotrescue@swearlv.org.   If you are making a donation through Paypal, please go to your paypal account and send the donation using the 'Send to Friends & Family' option so we are able to utilize your entire donation for the birds.

If you want to use Paypal to pay for an adoption or make an already arranged payment for an adoption, please be sure to send the funds using the  'Send to Friends & Family'. 

Please give us a call if you have any questions about donating or making payments, 702-937-1005.


You can also make a direct donation to us through NetWork for Good  

Found a Parrot?

Call Us  (702) 937-1005

Message us  Facebook

Check 911 Parrot Alert 

Need your bird groomed?

Be sure to check our CALENDAR page for events we will be attending.  

Watch for our regularly scheduled GROOMING events at local pet stores. 

There is no grooming at an event unless it is listed on the calendar as a 'GROOMING EVENT'