About Us


SouthWest Exotic Avian Rescue (SWEAR) is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are a 100% volunteer organized and run.     No one profits from this rescue except the birds! 

We serve the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding communities ONLY.  Sorry, no out of state fostering or adoptions. 

SWEAR is completely supported by the generous donations and hard work of  amazing volunteers and donors! 

Our focus is to provide safe, caring foster and permanent adoption placement to the parrots in our care. We are all about the birds and their welfare!

Parrots didn't ask to live in our human world but now that they're here,  it's our responsibility to provide them the best life possible.


Our group of volunteers have many years of experience working with parrots but most importantly, we strive to stay current with new updates in DIET, HEALTH CARE, and ENRICHMENT.  Parrot care has changed drastically over the past 40 years and even more so during the past decade as new studies and scientific research is progressing.  

As a rescue we continually research and stay in contact with experts, always educating ourselves and learning about new advances and methods.   We strive to support every bird in the rescue so they can live their best life possible.  

Having a parrot for your best friends mean you must be open to learning new things, willing to change and adapt to new and better methods for keeping parrots healthy & happy in capitivity.

What We Do

We are all about the birds and their welfare!  We work very hard to provide each bird that comes into SWEAR with:

  • Medical evaluations and health screenings by avian experienced veterinarians 
  • Nutritional and behavioral evaluations by highly experienced volunteers
  • Appropriate housing & toys along with mental stimulation and emotional support
  • Placement only in approved foster and adoptive homes
  • Education and continuing support for all our foster and adoptive homes as well as anyone needing or wanting information on the healthy care of parrots.

How We Can Help You and Your bird

If You're Thinking of Finding Your Bird A New Home -   We understand how life can change and throw you for a curve at any time.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering rehoming your bird, please know, our objective is always first to help you keep your bird if at all possible.  If not, we can help with that too.  

Relinquishing your bird can be a very difficult and heart-wrenching decision to make but we are here to help make it easier.  You can trust our first and only objective is finding a new loving home where your bird will be  happy.

How is SWEAR Different from just dropping your bird at a pet store, animal foundation, veterinarian office or giving him/her to a neighbor?

Besides all the things listed above that we do for the birds of SWEAR.  We do not 'SELL' birds, we find them new loving homes where they can live their best lives. We work very hard to find a place where your bird will be happy, not just with someone who wants your bird, or wants a specific species of bird.  All of our volunteer foster and adoptive homes are required to go through a process that includes a detailed application and a personal home visit.  During the home visit we check where your bird will be living and make sure there are no other dangerous pets, chemicals, or potential situations that might be of risk to a bird being placed in the home.  Once approved they have to meet your bird in person.  We watch your bird, not the people, to see if they're happy.  We want your bird to actually LIKE  his/her new family and home.  But our contact doesn't end there.  We continue to keep in contact with the foster or adopter and check on how your bird is doing.  If we have any concerns we will check on your bird and see how they are adapting to their new home.  In unsuitable situations that can't be resolved we may even remove the bird from the home if it is clear he/she is not happy there.  

Then we start over, until we find the best possible placement.

Most importantly, once your bird becomes a famiy member of SWEAR, they're always family.  If at anytime in their future they need to find another new home, we will be here to care for and find them another loving home.

Call or email us if you want to talk about relinquishing your bird to SWEAR

Do You Need Help?

If you find you need help with the care of your bird, no matter the reason, please reach out we may be able to help.  We also have available bird toys and accessories at very reasonable prices.  When you buy your bird supplies from SWEAR you are helping to support the rescue but more importantly you are helping your bird live their best life.