A simple message before you decide to adopt or foster;

Please keep in mind that parrots are not like dogs or cats. They're not going to love you simply because you feed them and give them wonderful toys and love.  Some birds can be friendly from the start, and others will need time and lots of work to build a relationship before they accept you.  Also, ALL BIRDS BITE.  So please remember that ALL BIRDS BITE and if you're going to take it personally, then maybe a bird isn't for you.  You must be willing to be patient, caring and forgiving.  Let the bird you're working with build a bond with you in their own time.  Relationships with a parrot can't be forced, they have to be built.  Remember these simple concepts and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of joy from your feathered friend.

BEFORE you apply, you must meet the following requirements:

1.  You must be 18 years or older to adopt/foster.

2.  Must live in the Las Vegas or near surrounding areas.

3.  Your home must fit the type of bird you're interested in fostering/adopting.
     (We will not place a loud large bird in an apartment or condo.)

4.  The bird must be for the person applying, not a gift or surprise to someone else.

5.  Stable home situation that can accomodate a parrot, including financial stability  
     (employment) to provide adequate toys, appropriate nutrition and veterinary care
     as well as free time at home to spend with a bird.

6.  No strong odors in the house from smoking, hookah, animals or other source.

7.  No non-stick cookware used in the home.

8.  No candles, plug-in type scent products used in the home or strong cleaning products.

9.  No other potentially dangerous animals in the home that could pose a threat to a bird.

10.  When you adopt from us you agree to NEVER use the bird for breeding purposes or be        breeding birds of any species, wether intentionally or accidently!   If you have breeder        boxes in your own bird's cages, it is likely you will not be approved to foster or adopt.        Just the presence of a box or nest type enclosure can cause a bird to experience                   frustration and undesirable breeding behaviors.      

11.  A willingness to learn and change is very important.  The care of parrots has changed
       greatly over recent years. Ideas in bird care have progressed with increased
       knowledge and scientific research. A willingness to listen, read, and learn about
       the changing world of bird husbandry is key.

When you're ready.....
Whether you want to adopt or foster, your first step is to review our page of

Resources for Fosters & Adopters. 
Please be sure to read "10 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Bird". 
Apply to foster or adopt
 by submitting a completed application.  
Once we receive your application we will call you.  We try to respond quickly, but we are all volunteers and are usually very busy, so please be patient, it may take a week or longer for you to hear from us. 
A representative for SWEAR will call to schedule a home visit to meet in person, talk about what you're interested in and see where a potential foster or adoptive bird would be living in your home.  Taking the time to read over our page of 
Resources for Adopters and Fosters will help you learn more about SWEAR and caring for parrots.  The views and science of parrot care is constantly improving and changing; you may have had a bird years ago and need a refresher, or maybe you're new and want to learn.  We encourage continued research and learning about parrots. There's always more to learn!  

SWEAR is always in need of caring foster homes.  Please consider fostering!

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN MORE about Parrots and their Care on our RESOURCES Page

Want to inquire about smaller birds we have available for adoption? Check our Facebook Page or call and ask about smaller birds we have available that might not be on the website!
  (702) 937-1005

Check our events listed on Facebook for times and locations. 
You can also call us to arrange for an in-home appointment, 702-937-1005.

About our qUARANTINE Policy.....

The SWEAR Quarantine Policy requires every bird (with the exception of some of the smaller birds like parakeets and cockatiels) receive a health screening by an avian vet followed by a 30 day quarantine period to help ensure the bird is free from disease/illness to the best of our ability.  While we cannot test for every possible communicable disease, our primary concern is the safety, health and welfare of the companion parrots that come through SWEAR.  We also care deeply about the safety, health and welfare of your family and existing flock (if applicable). We take these necessary precautions to help ensure the future of our exotic bird population, and while not always convenient, we feel it is the responsible thing to do as many of us are exotic companion parrot owners ourselves. We appreciate your understanding. 

If you are interested in a bird that is in their 30 day quarantine, you can still meet them, but no adoption can be finalized until they have completed this requirement.  We always need homes that are willing to care for birds during their quarantine period so if you have an open space, away from other birds and pets, please complete our application to Foster and be sure to indicate 'YES', you are willing to foster as a Quarantine Home.

Please remember, We don't adopt on a 'first come-first serve' basis.  We adopt to the best home for each individual bird.
every bird comes to you with their own cage, perches, dishes, toys, and a food starter pack, whether you are adopting or fostering.


Macaw for adoption

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