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There are many things we take into consideration before approval for foster or adoption but listed below are some of the primary things we look for in a potential home situation.   Please read over them carefully.  

If you do not meet any one of these criteria it may very well cause your application to be rejected 

and it is likely we may not respond to your application.

If your application does meet all our basic criteria we will contact you to schedule a home visit.

1.  You must be 21yrs or older.

2.  You must live in Las Vegas valley or one of the nearby surrounding communities.  

3.  Your home must fit the type of bird you're interested in.  We will not place a large or loud bird in an apartment or condominium (like a Macaw, Cockatoo or Amazon).

4. You must be applying for yourself, we will not foster or adopt to anyone other than the applicant, never give a pet as a gift!

5.  You must have a stable home situation.  Please don't apply if you recently moved or plan on moving soon or are unemployed or living on unemployment (see #6).  It is possible, if you are living in someone elses home, you may not be approved to foster or adopt, depending on your situation.

6.  You must have a source of income to ensure you are able to care for a parrot financially.  Veterinary care, food and toys are all expensive and vital to taking care of your parrot.  You will need to have funds available to you for regular veterinary check ups or if an emergency medical situation warrants a trip to the vet.  A typical vet visit can easliy cost $250, and an emergency, serious illness or injury can be upwards of $2000.  

7.  You can NOT smoke inside your house.  If you smoke, but only outside, our determination will be made on a case by case basis.  There can be NO SMOKING of any substances around a parrot, there will be NO exceptions.

8.  Make sure you have no strong odors in your home from candles, scented products like oils and plug-ins, cleaning products or animal urine.

9.  You agree you will NOT use any non-stick cookware or appliances which can kill a bird.

10.  There can be no other potentially dangerous animals in the home that could pose a threat to a bird, like a prey driven dog, cat or unsecured reptiles. 

11.  If approved you must agree in a signed contract you will NEVER use the bird for breeding purposes whether intentionally or accidently.  If you breed the bird your adoption agreement is null and void and you must relinquish the bird and their offspring back to SWEAR.

12.  You must have a car that is a reliable source of transportation.  We will be unable to place a bird where there is no way to get them to medical attention should an emergency arise.  Reliable transportation for regular grooming may also be necessary.

13.  You must be open and willing to learn and change what you may know about parrot care and welfare.  Current research and knowledge is improving the lives of captive parrots and a willingness to learn is an important step in ensuring a healthy, long and happy life for a companion parrot.  Computer access is a vital source of research and is very important.

You must be at least 21yrs of age for your application to be considered
(If applicable)
numbers only 7021234567
1 line per person please
(it is possible you may not be considered for foster or adopting if you are living in someone elses home)
If Applicable
even if it's only outside
Please Explain
including candles, air fresheners, colognes, hairsprays, oil difussers, cleaning solutions and teflon cookware
Please be aware SWEAR is completely run by volunteers who donate their time every day. We recieve a large number of applications every month. Only those applications from the Las Vegas Valley area will be considered (please see our list of requirements above). It may take a few weeks to hear back regarding the scheduling of your Home Visit. If you do not receive a phone call within 2 weeks please call SWEAR (702) 937-1005

about Your Home Visit

The home visit is our opportunity to meet you in person and make a final determination as to your eligibility to foster or adopt from SWEAR. The Home visit can take anywhere from 15 minutes an hour.  We do not come and inspect your home with white gloves! We simply meet with you in person, meet your family, see where a bird would be living in your home.   We make sure your home is safe and appropriate for a bird. We do not need to see your entire home, only that part of your home where you will be keeping the bird.