Thinking about 

finding your bird 

a new home?


The average parrot is rehomed a staggering nine times during their lifetime.   

Depending on your situation, our objective is always to first help you keep your bird if possible. 

If it is just not possible for your bird to stay with you, we can help.  The volunteers at SWEAR understand life and circumstances change without warning.  Relinquishing your bird can be a very difficult an heart wrenching decision but we are here to help make it easier.  You can trust our first and only objective is finding a new loving home for your bird. 

How are we different from you just dropping your bird at a pet store, animal foundation, vets office or giving it to a neighbor?  
There is no cost to relinquish your bird to the SWEAR.          

      SWEAR doesn't 'SELL' birds (unlike a pet store, or animal foundation).  Just because someone is looking for a particular species, doesn't mean they will automatically be able to adopt your bird.  

    SWEAR screens potential adopters and foster homes before placing your bird, (we do home visits!).  

     SWEAR works very hard to find placement where your bird will be happy, well cared for and loved. Our priority is to be sure the bird is happy in their new home and we monitor them carefully.   

     Once a bird becomes part of SWEAR, they are always part of SWEAR. If at anytime in the future they need to find another new home, we will be there to care for them and see they are able to find another loving home.


SWEAR spends on average $100 to $250 per bird when we accept them into the rescue. If a bird has any undiagnosed illness or special needs, that can easily cost the rescue hundreds or thousands more.

If you are able, a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

SWEAR is a completely volunteer-run organization and no one receives any compensation for anything. 100% of all donations go directly to support the rescue and the birds in our care.  


Want to place your bird with us?

If you decide to place your bird with SWEAR please give us a call at 702-937-1005.  Every bird relinquishment is a unique situation and we want to talk to you about yours.  

When you relinquish, the more of your bird's own belongings that stay with them the better.  Familiar cage, perches and toys will help in the transition.  Please include your bird's cage and belongings when you relinquish.  Staying in those familiar surroundings can help ease the stress of being in a strange place with strange people.

We will provide paperwork you will have to sign to relinquish ownership of your bird to the rescue. That paperwork provides you opportunity to tell us all about their likes, dislikes and any routine they are used to.  
Once the contract is signed, the bird belongs to SWEAR and you agree we will be finding him/her a new home.  Also, if at any time after their original placement they need to find yet another home, they come back to SWEAR and we will care for them again until they are placed once more.

Whatever your bird needs, they receive it while under our care while we work on finding a new permanent home.  When you relinquish your bird to SWEAR, they will receive a complete vet exam including blood work and DNA testing, (with the exception of parakeets and cockatiels which do not recieve routine vet exams and generally do not require DNA sex testing).  

We provide every bird in the rescue with anything they need.... new toys, additional perches, and sometimes a whole new cage if they don't have one already.  We work very hard to provide them with anything that will make them more comfortable in their new surroundings. 

If you have additional questions or if you want to make arrangements to relinquish your bird, please call to talk about how we can best help you and your bird. 702-937-1005